Counter Attack Against a Slash

this knife fighting sequence shows how to defend against a slashing knife using pekiti tirsia kali.


Black comes in with a number 1 slash with a knife.


White steps left at a 45 degree angle to get out of the way of the attack, while cutting the arm of
black in a counter attack on his weapon hand.

Not cut bad enough to lose control of his knife, black starts a number 2 slash.

White steps back out of range of the attack, while counter attacking black's arm with a slash from her knife.

White shoots forward to control black's weapon hand in case slash hasn't caused weapon to fall from
his hand as in photo.


White pushes black's arm away from his centerline to take it out of the fight and delivers a thrust to
the femorial artery of black to make sure that black is unable to continue his threat on her life in this knife fight.

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