Unarmed Response to Icepick Grip Knife Attack

Empty hands versus the knife.

White is surprised on Friday the 13th by Jason aka "Black" coming at her with a knife.


White steps out of the way of the attack to the side and meets the attack with her arm.

Black continues the attack with an attack from the other side.

White adjusts a bit to be out of the direct path of the weapon and meets the attack with her right arm
and begins to trap the elbow.

White momentarily traps black's arm to control the knife arm.


White instantly delivers an elbow to black's bicep to impair his ability to use the weapon arm.

The blow is delivered.

Stepping even more to the side and behind black, white delivers an elbow to black's weapon arm
and the knife falls.

Another elbow to his shoulder to make sure the weapon arm is out of the fight.

White steps behind black and delivers a palm strike to his ear with right hand (not visible in photo).


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