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 Interview with Tuhon Gaje 2004

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Tuhon Leo Gaje is the blademaster, the head of the system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. A grandmaster of an ancient warrior blade art teaching it in modern times as a martial art that keeps true to the nature of martial art. While other arts are politically correct, Tuhon Gaje teaches the old ways.  He does not teach sport fighting, cardio workouts or how to develop inner strength... He teaches the art of the blade and all manner of weaponry in order to be able to survive.

His grandfather chose him to carry on the system, starting him off with the footwork at age 6. He was taught not gingerly, but with raps to the feet and whippings when he did it wrong.  When weapons are involved, a mistake is your life so no mistakes can be taken lightly.

Leo Gaje, Jr. was among the  first Filipinos to bring his art and teach it in the United States, doing so on the East Coast instead of the West.

Many of the martial artists thought of as being among the best in using bladed weapons trained under him... whether they are vocal of his influence or not.

Tuhon has chosen not to "commercialize" his art. You don't see a 5 volume set of his teachings on sale. There will not be thousands of beginning students bowing in and learning a watered down version of what he teaches. As he says, "the few, the proud.."

He has his following and the more someone knows about the martial arts, the more they understand his value and respect him and his art. Some beginning martial artists do not know of him and his name is not a household name. But ask someone with 25 years in the martial arts and they will say he is someone who knows the blade as few have ever known it.  In order words, he is not some media produced expert -- he is the real deal.

Tuhon Gaje continues to teach seminars and private lessons to those who study his art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. The Marines in the Phillipines now take training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali as well as use it against the guerillas in the field.

Tuhon teaches a martial art that has remained true to its nature. He is teaching his inheritance, a system that was tested and proven with real lives and real blood. He is the blademaster. If there could be only one, it would be him.

Tuhon Gaje doesn't believe putting his system on video much and as far as I know only appears in a law-enforcement-only video, Surviving Edged Weapons, which is why I am pleased to announce he now  appears in Combatant: Extreme Self Defense. See for more info.

News!! Grand Tuhon Gaje can now be seen in the Grand Tuhon Gaje video area...brand new material from 2010 plus video from the archives. See The Grand Tuhon Gaje Video Area.


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